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As a pilot, my approach to growing businesses is a little different. I believe SMART Growth is the best growth.

It's hard to own a business today. It's even harder to grow a profitable business. It's near impossible to do all of this without having to work 40, 50+ hours a week. AT LEAST THAT'S WHAT I USED TO THINK.

My first taste of business ownership was...let's say, A GRIND. I was always on the clock. Always dealing with clients or employee problems. If you would have told me that I could effectively run/grow my business working 30 hours a week...I'd ask what you were smoking.

I eventually went back into corporate America. Working for someone else. I swallowed some serious pride that year.

That same year I hired my first coach. (A little late, I know) That coach opened my eyes. Sure I had more questions than answers at this point. But, I had the right questions. My next business was much more successful than the first. Both in terms of Money and Time.

I certainly didn't have it all figured out. But I was hooked. Heading down the rabbit hole of owning a business. Over 20+ years I have found a few principles that are true in all successful businesses.

Now as a Business Coach, I am having a great time sharing what I have learned with other business owners. (And those that Want to start a business). This Brief distills those principles.

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