People don't quit jobs. they leave bad bosses!

This is not your typical business book.

It's an entertaining look at what makes a great boss.

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If you do any of these...don't worry. It's not your fault. Companies are not investing the time and resources to help leaders lead.

But they still expect aligned teams that deliver results! This book will help you by simply DOING THE OPPOSITE. LOL.  😳

Bad Boss

(not so) Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I get a promotion?

If you read this book and apply everything you learn, you will not only get a promotion, the owner will just give you the company.

Will this book make me more money?

You betcha. Remember, you will own the company.

Will I learn how to deal with Scott in accounting?

Something about Scott's in accounting. Yes, there is a chapter dedicated to finding common ground with Steve. It might involve a shovel and a bag of lime. Steve won't be a problem.

Does the book talk about giving reviews? I don't like doing those.

Don't worry. We've got your back. You will learn to love telling people where they fall short of expectations. There are 2 or 3 pages specifically dedicated to being direct. "If they ain't crying, you're not being direct enough."

Are you for real????

This book is an entertaining look at leadership. In what NOT to do. So please do NOT follow the advice in the book. However, if you do the OPPOSITE of what the book suggests, you'll be on your way to leading well...for real!

A great read for bosses.

See if you do any of the things in the book.

If you do, we give you tips to get back on track.

A great read for employees

Does your boss do any of these things?

See what they should be doing. Lead them to the right things.

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