Hoover-Area Small Businesses

We are excited to offer FREE Office Hours to Small Business Owners in partnership with Hoover Area Chamber.


Every Tuesday

starting May 7th.


Hoover Chamber Offices

3000 Galleria Cir, Hoover, AL 35244


0830 - 1200

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What are Office Hours?

Office Hours are a great opportunity to meet with a Business Coach. The owner of 4Sight Coach is donating his time to help local businesses make more money and solve the problems all businesses face.

What happens in an Office Hour?

Regardless of how much experience you have in business. Your time with a coach will feel like a conversation. During that conversation you and your coach will identify an action step to keep your journey headed in the right direction.

What kind of businesses can use Office Hours?

As long as your business is not involved in illegal activities, you can register for an appointment.

Is there a charge to use Office Hours?

No. The only requirements are that you make an appointment and reschedule if you cannot keep your time slot. This ensures someone who is waiting for an open slot can take it.

I haven't started my business, but still need some help figuring out what I want to do. Can I still come?

Absolutely. I'd encourage anyone starting a business to work with a coach.

I'm just a __ person business. Can you really help?

You definitely do not want me to help you paint, fix a car, build a kitchen or a roof. But if you have a product or service that you sell (for profit or not for profit), you would want my help. If your business is just you...or it's 50 people, we can help you solve problems and build a better business.

I've been in business for years and have different needs than the new companies, will Office Hours help?

Yes. You are right. A mature business generally has some different needs. Maybe you want to begin thinking about selling your business. Or maybe buying another business. Perhaps you want to pass it to a family member. We have experience coaching owners where you are. There is a specific role a Business Coach plays in those scenarios.

Do I have to be a chamber member to sign up for an Office Hour?

No. 4Sight's mission is based on helping all small businesses grow profitably. This aligns with the Hoover Chamber and therefore it is open to nonmembers as well as members.

Still not sure what you should work on? No worries. We've got you. Here are some common things our clients need help with:

  • Defining their market

  • Marketing plans to talk to their market

  • Messaging frameworks for what and how they talk to their market.

  • How to find clients

  • How to get more clients

  • How to make more profit

  • How to hire and keep the right employees

  • How to fix the culture in the business

  • Training the sales & customer service teams

  • operational efficiency

  • Cutting Expenses

Hopefully this sample list gets your mind going.

One of the biggest benefits business owners get from working with a coach is accountability. It's not uncommon for the owner to not have someone to discuss work with. "It can be lonely at the top." Some of the best results for my clients over the years have come from those vent and reflect conversations.

It's always an honor to sit with another business owner and to learn their story and find ways to support their growth as a business owner.